“Nowa Ukraina” nr 11/2011 – red. Jarosław Moklak

“Nowa Ukraina” nr 11/2011 – red. Jarosław Moklak


New Ukraine. A Journal of History and Politics, 11/2011

Editor’s Notes, New Ukraine or old?



Moklak Jaroslaw, The legal basis of the educational system in Galicia: the issue of the Ukrainian language in the debates and laws of the Galician Diet (1866-1867)

Burski Jacek, In Munich’s shadow: The Ukrainian question in Polish foreign policy (October 1938 – March 1939)

Pisuliński Jan, Ukrainian diaspora in Polish foreign policy in the interwar period


Policy Science

Draus Jan, Polish-Ukrainian relations after independence

Adamovych Serhii, The Halychyna Assembly. The issue of regional and state unity (1990-1991)

Onuch Olga, Why did they join en masse? Understanding “ordinary” Ukrainians’ participation in mass-mobilisation in 2004

Kruglashov Anatolii, Troublesome neighborhood: Romania and Ukraine relationship

Ukraine – NATO

Hickman John, Ukraine in NATO? The case against

Lubecki Jacek, Ukraine in NATO? The case for

Soskin Oleh, Ukraine on the way to optimal participation in international models of collective security



Kononov Illia, Cultural determinants of the interaction between Donbas and Halychyna in the regional system of Ukraine


Review, Events

Central Slavic Conference, St. Louis, MO, November, 11-13, 2011

Jefferson Kurt W., The Central Slavic Conference: Yesterday and Today

Moklak Jarosław, Education in the Lemko Region in the 19th and 20th Centuries